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Internet and Connections

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As long as you are in range of a cellular network (1-5 bars at the top of your screen ) you will be able to send and receive phone calls and messages. But for anything else, like web browsing, email or using maps, you'll need a data connection. Here's how to
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Firefox OS lets you share your data connection with other devices by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot or by tethering with a USB cable. This article will show you how to set that up. Table of Contents1 Share your connection over Wi-Fi1.1 Set up your Wi-Fi hotspot1.2 Turn your Wi-Fi hotspot
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The Usage app on Firefox OS lets you keep track of mobile data you're using every month. Important: The usage application can not be used as a substitute to your carrier's own tracking system. Mozilla is not liable for any extra charges in any way. To learn more, read Mozilla's
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REDIRECT Connect to Wi-Fi or data Table of Contents1 Connecting to a Wireless Network2 Troubleshooting2.1 Network Connection2.1.1 Clear Cache and Cookies Connecting to a Wireless Network To connect to a wireless network, follow the steps in the Connect to Wi-Fi or data. If you
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