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Flash 11.3 crashes

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For the background on this article, see:

It seems the latest Flash update isn't having an effect on the Flash crash rate so I'll remove that solution from the article.

Sorry for the long post but .....

This article says, "To uninstall Flash 11.3 on Windows, you will need to use the uninstaller provided by Adobe." and then links to ...but this removes both the Flash Plugin AND the Flash ActiveX .

The next step only says to download and install the Flash Plugin but never mentions re-installing the Flash ActiveX control. This can cause problems for users who may not use Internet Explorer but have other software that needs the Flash Player ActiveX control to function properly.

Related discussion:

Note that CheckMate is a RealPlayer user who has been helping other users downgrade Flash and he reports removing the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX will cause problems using RealPlayer. He said,
One user, who had followed the advice of me and others on the thread who had rolled back to 10.3 (I did provide others the link to the "How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player" page with the choices) and said he found it "more stable" than the 11.2 but said he couldn't use the RealPlayer converter or play videos with it. I tested the converter - working perfectly, so I asked him to tell me every single step he did. He said he actually had followed the instructions in the Crash article (not mine) to install the 10.3 after running the uninstaller. But he was getting a pop up that said RealPlayer needs Internet Explorer to install Flash Player to work.<snip> I told him it didn't work because he never installed it - he only installed the FF version again and told him to start over, uninstall and follow my instructions to reinstall both versions from the direct links page for the 10.3 from the the "How do I revert...."page. The next day he said everything was working perfectly and couldn't thank me enough and was glad this "ordeal" was over.

I've also noted that the Flash ActiveX is required for other software to work properly and added a warning here:

I think that the Windows uninstall instructions should explain how to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin using Windows Control Panel with a note that, if "Adobe Flash Player ActiveX" is also listed, the ActiveX should be left installed.

I uploaded a screenshot:

Even Jeromie Clark (Adobe employee) suggests that method Jun 22, 2012 here:

Also, if you're continuing to have installation problems, try the following:
1.) Go to Start > Control Panels > Programs and Features
2.) Uninstall Flash Player
3.) Reboot
4.) Download Flash Player from

You can always add a note to download and run Adobe's uninstaller as an alternate method or if problems arise and link to Adobe's Flash Player Help / Uninstall Flash Player | Windows article, with a warning that Adobe's Uninstaller removes both the Flash Plugin and the ActiveX Flash Player and that some software may require installation of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX to function properly.

P.S. The Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems article, under Uninstalling Flash, includes a note that says,

Note: Running Adobe's uninstaller will remove Flash from all browsers where it is not built-in, including Internet Explorer. You will be prompted to reinstall Flash when you visit a page that requires it, such as Adobe's Test Page.

While better than nothing, that note may not be enough, since some users may run into problems with RealPlayer or other installed software that requires that Flash Player ActiveX is installed to work properly, even though they don't use Internet Explorer. (I'll add that to that articles discussion forum).

Related post by Cww here: /forums/contributors/708430?last=47762&page=5#post-47762 Flash 11.3 issues

Related to Flash Player ActiveX being needed for RealPlayer, see also:

  • Bug 764210 - Blocklist RealPlayer Download Plugin add-ons

Comment 56 from Julian Adler 2012-07-09 17:06:16 PDT
4.Install Flash Active X for Internet Explorer (I did this specifically for this test because some users have complained getting pop ups from RealPlayer needing to have Adobe Flash installed in Internet Explorer.)


I just reverted to Flash 11 3 300 262, and now my laptop is back to "normal." After the update, it was running really hot with several open tabs...something I had not exp'd much before unless I had had a ton of open tabs, and it just seemed like every few minutes the player would crash, on Youtube videos, anywhere flash is involved. I haven't had this "downgrade" for too long, but so far, so good!!

This revision removes info about flash 11.2 which is insecure. flash 11.4 comes out Tuesday, Aug. 21 and may resolve the crash issues. We will watch crash volume and forum feedback and then possibly update this article by the end of this week.

In line with the above, shouldn't info on Flash 11.2 also be removed from the Solution 2: Downgrade Flash section of Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox?


I had the same issue with 11.3 and 11.4 Adobe Flash Player Plugin crashing, yet 10.3 was OK. I raised it in bugzilla and it turned out to be Rapport. Unfortunately this free on-line banking security software doesn't check for latest versions. Go to the Trusteer Rapport console (Win7: Start, All Programs, Trusteer Rapport, Rapport Console), If the version is "Emerald Build 1205.4" you are out-of-date. Get the latest executable: and run it. You will now be at "Emerald Build 1205.8". Reboot your PC, and all sorted!

Here is what I could find on this issue in Bugzilla:

  • Bug 787014 - Flash 11.4 Constantly Crashing when viewing any web page with an old version of Trusteer Rapport
  • Bug 789431 - Flash crashes continuously since upgrade to Firefox 15.0 then 15.0.1 with an old version of Trusteer Rapport
  • Bug 789880 - Adobe Flash Player crashes when trying to play videos (eg from youtube)

I see from bug 789880#c11 that scoobidiver invited you to post this information here. Thanks.