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"No Server Found" errors on Mozilla Support and Firefox Freezes/Locks Up

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"No Server Found" errors on Mozilla Support and Firefox Freezes/Locks Up

A couple times today, while seeking support from Mozilla - I was directed to internal Mozilla instructional pages that do not load. I get "No Server Found" errors on these internal pages.

One time I was seeking info about an "add on", the other time I was seeking support for the "Set Up Sync" function. I have NEVER been able to get my Sync functions (between my desktop PC & android phone) to work. When I click the "Show Me How" link, I was directed to: (This is one of my "No Server Found" pages.)

Also, I am having serious "stability" issues with Firefox, that have gotten progressively worse over the past month or two. Firefox freezes up and cannot be shutdown. Sometimes it happens while I have many tabs open, sometimes while Firefox is being minimally used or even idle. I can only close Firefox via the Task Manager. (I hate to admit this, but I went over to the dark side today, and set up IE on my desktop to use when Firefox crashes.)

I do not have "No Server Found" issues on any other web sites, only Mozilla support pages. Could these two issues be related? Can anyone offer me advice on one or both issues?

Thank you for reading my post, and thanks for any advice you may offer.

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Re: "No Server Found" errors on Mozilla Support and Firefox Freezes/Locks Up

You would not happen to be in Canada would you ?

Site availability. 

See my posts in

  • Sync Server has been down all night. Do Devs even realize? /questions/980495
    • You may need to consider possibilities of it being blocked or a DNS issue

Are you saying you are able to access specific sites with IE but not with Firefox. Try reloading the pages with Ctrl + F5 or clear the Firefox cahe and the site cookies


If these are actual crashes, or maybe plugin hangs you should get Crash reports, if you allow them to be submitted then you will get Crash Ids that start with bp-and are available when you navigate to about:crashes

Possibly it's more likely to be a hang but this article mainly covers hangs on startup or shutdown