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Can someone in the development group, please, check and see how this video of Italian news plays (NOT) with Firefox (any version) and moonlight-

I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 32b and the video does not come out at all. Just random garbage (the sound is good, though).

Things are even worse with moonlight-2.4.1-i586.xpi. After installing it,that video does not even start and claims that there is no Silverlight installed.

But, the exact same video pays perfectly with moonlight on Google Chrome (same computer).

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Re: moonlight

Works fine here on Linux with the Silverlight 4.0.51204.0 plugin as installed by Moonlight (novell-moonlight-, so make sure that you install the latest version.

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Re: moonlight

Thank You for trying and answering. Very appreciated!

On that video, did you go a bit further, pass the initial commercial ? The initial commercial lasts ~10 sec and plays very well. No problem. (I believe it uses Adobe Flash). The news, just after the commercial, come out as garbage (screenshot enclosed).

Again, I'm with - moonlight- - Firefox 7.0 - Ubuntu 10.04 32bit, kernel 2.6.32-34-generic

By the way, on a different PC wit the same configuration BUT 64bit Ubuntu 10.04, everything works just fine.

Best Regards