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large files are not in cache directory

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large files are not in cache directory

I've been watching some training modules and in order to watch them off line I've been going into the cache and then just renaming the files with mp4 extension, so everything works fine except for one particular module whose size is 48344797 bytes (46Mb) Initially i thought that it was an issue with the object cache limit in ff (I'm working with 19.0.2) but in the configuration I can see the setting is 51200 (51Mb) so this looks fine.

to make matters worse if I disconnect the network after the file has finished downloading ( i use httpfox to check this) i can view the module without any issues so I ff obviously has it somewhere. I've looked in the about:cache (all the smaller files where there) but it's not there.

Where else can I look for this cached object? I'm running windows 7 sp1

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Re: large files are not in cache directory


Thank you very much for reaching out to Mozilla Support about your issue. Please be rest assured that we are still looking into your inquiry. We would appreciate your patience while we are finding an answer for your question. At this moment I am escalating this issue to our advanced troubleshooting team who will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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Re: large files are not in cache directory

There used to be an addon that let you save files from the cache called Cache Viewer:

It still exists but can't get the latest version fully reviewed b/c the people reviewing the addon are too slow for some reason.

It has a good review from someone who installed from the other location:

Get the one dated 2013-02-11.

So this addon may be able to help grab it. If not, it could be because that video is a streaming video and those usually have been hard to save from the Firefox cache. I use a addon called Video DownloadHelper for those.