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how to uninstall firebug

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how to uninstall firebug

I am not at all technical and this is driving me crazy. Ever since installing FireBug, my Gmail and several other apps have been performing poorly. The Gmail support folks said that I should definitely uninstall FireBug, but of course, they didn't tell me how to.

I Google'd for "how to" instructions, but they all seemed to say, in effect, that FireBug is either an add-on or a plug-in and to just remove or disable it.

Well,, when I check FireFox, it says I don't FireBug installed as a plug-in *or* an add-on.

Yet when I check the F/F Toolbar - when I click on 'Tools" - FireBug is on the pull-down menu.

However, when I move myu cursor across and over to the choices for FirBug, it's no help: A) there's no "Uninstall", "Remove", "Deactivate" or "Disable" option; and, B) when I chose the FireBug's "Options" choice, it only allows me to disable FireBug for the current web site.

So, how - in simple, non-techie layperson's terms, do I get this @#%$@#@ FireBug off my PC? (smile)

Thanks, Richard

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Re: how to uninstall firebug