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how can I rename my tags?

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how can I rename my tags?

I am using a program in which I need to have 5 tabs open. I need them all to go to the same basic landing page, but need to name them with 5 different names. I work at a car dealership and we have 5 locations.

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Re: how can I rename my tags?

(Please update to Firefox 19 Immediately)

So, you want to have Firefox open with 5 tabs, that are the same site, but different names for each tab? there may be an addon on that allows yo to rename tabs.

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Re: how can I rename my tags?

The page title that appears on the tab (and on the window title bar if you are displaying the full menu) is based on the <title> in the page. You can "hack" that title in a number of ways.

Let's say hypothetically that you want to change the title of this page to VEGAS. Press Ctrl+Shift+k to open Firefox's web console. (This same keyboard combination can be used to close the console when you're done with it.) At the caret (>) paste the following and press the Enter key:

document.querySelector("title").textContent = "VEGAS";

You also can save this to a button on the Bookmarks Toolbar ("a bookmarklet") for quick access. To do that, you would right-click the bar and choose New Bookmark, and paste your script in the location with a small change:

javascript:void(document.querySelector("title").textContent = "VEGAS");

Assign a name, e.g., VEGAS and click Add.

If you do this once a day, such a quick and dirty hack probably is good enough.

That said, creating five buttons is a pain; it would make more sense for the script to discover the correct location from the content of the page so you only need one button. Doing this requires some familiarity with the structure of the page.

And while we're at it, clicking a button is a pain; it would be great if the script ran automatically when you opened the page. To get to this, you need an add-on such as Greasemonkey or Scriptish that can run custom scripts to alter pages when you load them. Because creating such a script requires information about the structure of the page and the URLs, this may not be something you want to do on an open forum. If you don't mind, check out the Ideas and script requests forum at

Hope this helps.

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Re: how can I rename my tags?

You can also look at Tab Mix Plus.