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hinting of newest version of Shockwave Flash plugin [suggestion]

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hinting of newest version of Shockwave Flash plugin [suggestion]

I just used Firefox's plugin checking tool (the one at ) and I got Potentially vulnerable plugins: Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183 Outdated Version

I'm using linux (GNU/Linux) and I know that there is a version for my system with higher number available (currently 11.2.y.z) but 11.2 series Adobe Flash Player don't work on my computer. The version I'm using is which is no older than (newest of 11.2 according to ). Since some linux users can't use flash player version number higher than 11.1 I suggest to take that into account that there can be an up-to-date version of 10 series.

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Re: hinting of newest version of Shockwave Flash plugin [suggestion]

It is probably best to use something like to check the version installed, and version available.

IIRC there may be plans to deprecate the existing checker.
There have been known issues with the PluginChecker, it should by now have been updated.

  • Bug 845792 - Update plugincheck for Flash 11.6.602.171 on Windows/Mac (fixed 1st March)
  • Bug 820433 - Flash 11.5.502.135 is declared as obsolete in plugincheck despite being the latest version (An issue from December)

Using plugin checker on my Lynux (Ubuntu) system I am currently getting the correct results.