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greasemonkey script not working

New User

greasemonkey script not working

I am using the add on called Grease Monkey along with a user scripts called "The Pirate Bay Cleaner", and this particular script does not work. I posted this problem in the, and no one ever came up with a clear answer.

Some how, I was able to get the user script working. It's been a while since I did it. I formated my HDD and did a clean install of Firefox. I'm back with the same problem. I went looking all over to find out how I got it to work. Does anyone else had this type of problem? Thank You.


Re: greasemonkey script not working

Who creates these add-ons?

The add-ons listed here have been created by thousands of developers from our community, ranging from individual hobbyists to large corporations. All publicly listed add-ons are reviewed by a team of editors before being released.

You can contact any one of the Greasemoneky author