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firefox freezes on startup after last Microsoft update

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firefox freezes on startup after last Microsoft update

I don´t know if it was just coincidence but last night Microsoft Automatic Update -service updated my laptop with the latest security etc. fixes and updates. And just before that I was using Firefox 18.02 version succesfully without any errors. And this morning I booted the computer and tried to start Firefox. And it freezed on startup allready, having reserved either about 50 M or 110 M memory (checked on task manager). After that nothing happens. I have stopped the process and renewed the startup but same results. Its the same with Internet Exprorer (my version 8.06....), it gets only about 4 M of memory before freezing. Chrome is working normally as now writing this text with it.

Anybody else having similar problems lately. Could it be the MS update or am I just paranoid. Any suggestions about how to fix this without reinstallation ? OK, I can do the reinstallation but don´t want to because not 100 percent sure how I can ensure that my bookmarks, some passwords etc are surely saved in this case (not done lately and things have changed).

I restarted the pc also on safe mode but same results. Checkup for malware is on every startup, at least kind of (something like HitmanPro or similar). Maybe I should check the pc with better malware detection tools - any suggestions ? Still some information which might have had some effect on this. I updated suggesfully yesterday both my Java and Flash. Java with automatic update process and flash manually. Firefox worked fine after both updates - allthought I´m not using Java on Firefox at the moment.

Below some info from my pc from Speccy. Trobleshooting information gathering with this form not working - probably because of using Chrome.. Sorry to admit but yes, I´m still using XP but organizing my things so that I could move at least on this pc to Ubuntu or some other linux distro.


MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 Installation Date: 17 September 2009, 15:19 Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Windows Security Center Firewall Enabled Windows Update AutoUpdate Download Automatically and Install at Set Scheduled time Schedule Frequency Every day Schedule Time 3 am Antivirus Antivirus Enabled Company Name AVAST Software Display Name avast! Antivirus Product Version 5.0.117441986

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Re: firefox freezes on startup after last Microsoft update

Some new info. I reinstalled the Firefox and now is goes further. There comes error message to say that there might be some problems with addons etc. And suggests either restoring the default settings or opening Firefox in Safe Mode. Now tried few times to start in Safe Mode and still freezes just after opening. It seems that there really is something wrong on add-ons or whatever. So the next step is restoring the default settings. ......

Now the default settins have been restored and still freezing. Even though now Firefox is opening a session window but after that freezes totally having about 75M memory. Once again work for tast manager ;-). What now ? Any suggestions. Somehow it looks a bit like it is trying to establish some connection and not getting any or is it only my imagination. I reinstalled the software one more time and no change. So, please, some suggestions !

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Re: firefox freezes on startup after last Microsoft update

Problem solved - at least for time being. Sorry to bother others but maybe somebody else had similar problems.

So, after reinstalling Firefox several times unsuccessfully I checked the computer with Malwarebytes. And surprise, surprise, there was seven warnings about "PUP:Software.Updater". I removed them with Malwarebytes and after rebooting tried both Firefox and I Explorer and they started up nicely.

So, it was malware although I was not willing to believe it. Surprising coincidence (?) was that I discovered it after updating operating system with security fixes, Java and Flash. Has it been already on my disk waiting for that or what ? Gurus, tell me if you can !

Finally I also found similar case here which also convinced me to try that approach also if I hadn't been there yet. So, if I had been more patient going through these notes etc I wouldn't have bothered others. Sorry about that.