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download 10.0.2

New Contributor

download 10.0.2

For an online application at work, I need to download an earlier version of Firefox: 10 ESR (10.0.2), but I can only find it on sites that my security clearances to not authorize. I would like to download it directly from Is it available?

Site Moderator

Re: download 10.0.2

10.0.2 was the release mainly as it was 10.0.3 to the current 10.0.12 that 10.0 was continued on as ESR. The updates for the 10.0.* ESR channel was primary for security and some allowed stability fixes. (scroll down for 10.0.12esr)

Note that support for the old 10.0.*esr channel will end by the time Firefox 19.0 is released on Feb 18 if all goes well and 17.0.*esr will be the ESR version for time until 24.0

but if you really want to use a vulnerable version of 10.0.* then see