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cannot view youtube videos


cannot view youtube videos

I was having a problem- I have never had a problem watching videos on youtube. After recently experiencing a problem with Firefox, I went to watch a video and only had a black screen, nothing happening. I searched and searched, and after getting highly annoyed with having to create a gmail account just to do something in youtube, I found the solution to my problem:

I downloaded and uninstalled Adobe Flashplayer like 4 damn times, not sure what else I can do to see if it works or not. If the damn thing says installation complete with no errors, it surely is fine. I finally found a forum post which said to try and put an "s" after http in the address bar, : https....

What the hell is this? Is this a problem with firefox, adobe, or youtuube? I am highly irritated as this kind of fix doesn't make sense.

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Re: cannot view youtube videos

Try clearing the Cache in Firefox.

Tools-> Clear Recent History -> [v] Cache


Tools->Options->Advanced->Network -> Offline storage -> [Clear Now]

Believe it or not but that may just be all you need to do. Some people think Youtube may have made some changes.

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Re: cannot view youtube videos

i did all the instructions above and do not work; on IE, Chrome i can watch videos. But on Firefox always, always got a black screen, a have more of 3 months about it, and i don't know what's going on...