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cannot access gmail

New Contributor

cannot access gmail

Installed FF today.When trying to log in to my gmail,the login page comes back,enter password again and so on. I never had this problem in IE and if it is not put right quickly,I give up FF. I tried to reset my password,that did not work. It is aproblem on this computer as I have tried on another one and it worked on that.

New Contributor

Re: cannot access gmail

I downloaded Chrome and used it but still kept Firefox as my preferred browser. But after I installed Chrome, it became harder and harder to access my gmail account from Firefox. So, I made every suggested tweak to every part of my system but it did not help. Finally, I uninstalled Chrome and updated everything. But since I uninstalled Chrome, the problem got worse and now it is almost impossible to load Gmail from Firefox.

So, although I have spent hours on forums addressing this problem, nothing helps. Yet I have no trouble with gmail with any other browser, using my same computer and exactly the same settings.

This is very frustrating and time wasting and I wish I could get more direct help from Firefox instead of being left to post a reply into cyberspace.

The Firefox community is very smart and resourceful, and I wish someone from Firefox could see this and address it directly as well. The only thing is, I am not sure this started at Firefox. On lots of the forums, I saw comments taking them to task for the issue. But in my experience it started after using Chrome, even though it actually got worse after I uninstalled Chrome.

Maybe Google is blocking Firefox, rather than Firefox blocking Google.