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can't save mega files

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can't save mega files

Hi (My English is not good) I have download a 1.06 gig file from Mega and after it goes 100% the Save dialog appeared and I select SAVE. But it was failed with this message : Failed - Blob Resource! Also the file took the space from hard disk but I cant find that file!!!! My Firefox Version is 27.0.1

What should I do to find and run my file! I really need that!

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Re: can't save mega files

This file is probably stored in the IndexedDB folder.

It might not be easy to retrieve this file from the IndexedDB storage.

See also this thread about the Mega website.

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Re: can't save mega files

If you haven't tried using their Firefox add-on, you can get it here:

Not sure whether that will help.

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Re: can't save mega files


after restarting the the file was deleted!!! and before that I wasn't able to find that in "profile" directory. the file size was 1.06 gig and whole mozilla folder was 600 mg!!!

I will download it with Chrome.

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Re: can't save mega files

To do Downloads in Mega you need a addon, are you using the addon?