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Youtube will not work


Youtube will not work

I can watch youtube videos just fine on Internet Explorer. I can watch youtube videos on Mozilla Firefox IF they are on another website. I can NOT view youtube videos on the actual youtube website.

So, say on facebook, my friend has a video posted from youtube. I can watch it on Facebook, but when I click the video so I can watch it on Youtube, the video will not come up. It's just a black box where the video normally would be.

If anyone can help me with this problem, it would be greatly appreciated

Support Forum Moderator

Re: Youtube will not work

Answers in this forum have shown different things have worked for different people.

For some clearing YouTube cookies and the cache solved the problem. For details of how to do that see and

Others had to go a step further after deleting YouTube cookies and block YouTube from saving cookies. In the Tools menu select Options to open the Options window. Go to the Privacy panel and make sure it is set to "Use custom setting for history". Click the Exceptions button, type in and click on Block

Another option is to disable hardware acceleration for Flash. To do that right-click on a Flash video, select Settings, go to the first tab of the settings for the option to enable/disable hardware acceleration for Flash. This is something recommended by YouTube for those having problems -

You can also try changing to the secure YouTube site,