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Yahoo Mail extremely slow on Firefox 12

New Contributor

Yahoo Mail extremely slow on Firefox 12

Yahoo Mail works fine in IE9 but is extremely slow on Firefox 12 after applying Java update 7.11 patch. Please advise on how to fix the issue.

New Contributor

Re: Yahoo Mail extremely slow on Firefox 12

Yo soci888! Why are you on Firefox 12? All the cool people are on Firefox 18 now. Time to upgrade and join the crew. Check out this upgrade link:

Here is another suggested solution from another solver: "I had the same problem. Opening Firefox in Safe mode cured it, so I knew it had to be a setting or plugin of some sort....I did all the recommended fixes and nothing changed the typing being real slow and behind when running in normal mode.

What fixed it for me is turning off the hardware acceleration option in Firefox. Here's how: Click on Firefox->Options->Advanced->General tab. Then uncheck the checkbox "Use hardware acceleration when available". Click OK. Hope it works for you. Good luck!"

Hope this helps, Adam