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Why don't you provide a rpm of firefox?

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Why don't you provide a rpm of firefox?

It is funny that I should always open a terminal and input ~/firefox to start my firefox. Don't you think so? Why don't you provide an rpm package to replace the the former version? At least you can provide a .sh to do this. Firefox sucks at user experience!!! Firefox sucks! Firefox sucks! I am moving to chrome

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Re: Why don't you provide a rpm of firefox?

Why don't you create a launcher on your desktop via the right-click context menu to start Firefox?

If you want an rpm package then use the repository of your Linux installation.
Note however that it can take some time to get updates with such a version.

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Re: Why don't you provide a rpm of firefox?

You do realize that not all Linux distros even use RPM's and there is the issue of dependencies. For those who want to use a package build they can use the one provided by their Linux distro.

For a short time Mozilla was making a Linux installer version the default build served on Mozilla site (for Firefox 0.9, 0.9.1, 0.9.2, 0.9.3 and 1.0.*) (along side tarbal) and be glad it was stopped as it was basically a useless extra hurdles of installing for same end result as tarbal.

It is rather easy to make a desktop or panel or menu launcher shortcut to the Firefox script. The tarbal are easy to use for multiple builds of Firefox as I can just download, extract, run and delete when done with, with very little effort.

Mozilla has been looking at the idea of RPM's builds a while ago but I think they stopped making them a while back on the then nightly builds when Firefox 6.0 was in early development.

Two Bugzilla bugs to watch are 649721 and 600317 though do not comment in them unless you can provide patches or take over bugs as bugzilla is not a discussion forum.

Mozilla did have talks in past (I forget who's blog had a article on this as I could never find it in searches) of providing a page on Mozilla site for the tons of Linux distributions out there to provide links to their packages of Firefox releases for each of their currently supported OS versions to make it easier for users to find but that never really panned out.