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Why does the "Stop Script" button not stop the script?

New User

Why does the "Stop Script" button not stop the script?

Using Youtube today, my browser locked up. My CPU usage hit 100% (well, technically 8% because my CPU is a Core i7-3930k so 6-core hyperthreaded) and eventually I got this dialog:

I clicked "Stop Script" and it locked up again. Eventually it came back up with the same prompt. Fortunately I had another FF window open, which I used to open Firebug and disable the Net, Console and Script tabs. The browser then came back to me. Oddly, Firebug isn't enabled for Youtube, so I'm not entirely sure why it affected this tab.

Anyway, my point is simply that something, whether it be Firefox or Firebug, decided that it was going to disregard the fact that I'd told it to stop running the offending script, but it continued. Annoying!