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Why do I find the Dogpile (search) addon will not download?

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Why do I find the Dogpile (search) addon will not download?

I find Firefox-listed, in Get Addons: " Dogpile 20091122 " , by Ahmed El-Mahdawy, jtekUSA ( Web Search)

I click on the "Add to Firefox" green button; but I only get error message: Firefox could not install the search plugin from "" because an engine with the same name already exists.

Odd, as I can't find such an item in my Firefox addons ..... and I'm wondering if this problem might be linked to the yahoo search preference suddenly and unwittingly being applied to my Firefox addressbar.

Is the Dogpile addon incompatible with my Firefox; or has some buggorother corrupted my bits?

While I'm here, is there a safe way to lose the previous version (11.5 r502) of my Shockwave Flash plugin: I have disabled it to avoid any possible conflict with later version, but would prefer it was gone.

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Re: Why do I find the Dogpile (search) addon will not download?

Search engine plugins are not displayed in the Add-ons list, but do appear in the "Manage Search Engines" dialog. To get to that, click the icon at the left of the search box (by default, a "g" icon) and look down toward the bottom of the list. Is it in there?

Now... about your address bar search problem. Please see this article: Search the web from the address bar - in particular the section about changing your internet keyword service.

Regarding Flash, Adobe has an uninstaller that will completely wipe the plugin from your system, but I don't know that it will spare the ActiveX control used in IE. Did you want them both gone?? If the problem is two versions of the player, you may need to clean them up manually. On 64-bit Windows, the DLL files are in this folder:


Not sure where they are on 32-bit Windows.

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Re: Why do I find the Dogpile (search) addon will not download?

Thanks for trying; but I seem to be travelling backwards on this problem.

I have been using InstantFox addon very happily for some months; and had customised its options, replacing g-for-goggle with dp-for-dogpile and adding several extra search code options.

I'd also removed the redundant g-icon from my address box; as part of a simplification of toolbar area. I prefer to see no unused clutter 24-7. Now yahoo is suddenly the default search from the address bar; but there is no icon for it, to click on as you describe; and simultaneously my InstantFox 'dp(space)searchitem' won't work: I think it got corrupted last week when yahoo searches started.

Today I found dogpile search, as an addon, at this url: I wrongly thought that might be a simple install; but it won't even download. As I said, I get the error message saying there is already a file with that name.

I now appear to have other problems in about:config:; but what is websearch? it's new to me, and perhaps viral/trojan?

regarding flash, I said I have two date-versions of shockwave flash: not macromedia or adobe. neither will uninstall using win or iobit uninstallers. and I also don't know whether this win7 is a 64- or 32-bit OS.

I don't have time to chase around the wrekin at the moment; so I'll have to look into this poo in a couple of weeks or so.