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Where are plugins stored in Ubuntu 12.04?

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Where are plugins stored in Ubuntu 12.04?

I am trying to install a plugin for hprooms. Their plugin has to be installed via a script. The script creates a .mozilla directory under the /home/{user} directory. Within that there is a plugins directory where it copies an .so file for the plugin. The plugin though does not show as an installed plugin though others do. I have no idea though where the other installed plugins are kept. I assume Firefox is supposed to check this directory for plugins?

I have a near identical system where this works. The only difference I can see is the working system is an Intel PC booting Ubuntu off a USB key whereas the non-working system is a Pandboard which uses two ARM processors. Otherwise the version of Ubuntu and Firefox are the same.

I am wondering if there is some way I can manually make this work. I need to get this plugin to work ASAP.


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Re: Where are plugins stored in Ubuntu 12.04?

Is that a plugin version that runs on ARM hardware?

A plugin that has been compiled for a PC platform won't run on other platforms with a different processor.

I see that you have the plugin.expose_full_path set to true.
It is best not to leave that pref set to true as it exposes that full path to web servers via the navigator.plugins object, so reset that pref to false after you are done with the aboutSmiley Tonguelugins page.

You can set the plugin.expose_full_path pref to true on the about:config page to see the full path of plugins on the aboutSmiley Tonguelugins page.