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New User interactive radar map won't load

I rely on's interactive radar map to tell me what rain in my area is doing.

But for the past several weeks, it won't load. Instead of loading immediately like it used to, loading is delayed and I then get a message saying "We're sorry for the delay. A basic weather map is provided below. Please refresh this page to try loading the interactive map again."

What do I need to do to get it working again?

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Re: interactive radar map won't load

It turns out that all you need to do is go to:

 Options/Content/Block pup-up windows/Exceptions

and add to the exceptions list.

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Re: interactive radar map won't load

Just tried that, no effect. I didn't even have block pop-ups enabled before enabling it and trying that to see if it would work.

I have since found that the interactive radar map at is just as good as what's radar map is

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Re: interactive radar map won't load and interactive maps quit working for me with the most recent (2012-June) update(s) to v13. Guess I may have to drop Firefox as the solution is clearly elusive and Mozilla site (and google searches) have proved useless. Suggestions I have found to date are useless and its quite nutty that an update to this browser would cause such a headache! Changing pop-up block had no effect. Checked on my firewall/security. Not it. Reinstalled Java. Not it. Note that the interactive maps on both sites work fine on Chrome and IE. Time to leave Firefox I suppose...

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Re: interactive radar map won't load

Hi ntkf,
You're replying to a thread that is over a year old. You should use where volunteers can get more details about your setup.

Because this thread is so old and more people might start using it for their own questions, I'm going to lock it.