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Vertical scrollbar disappeared.

New Contributor

Vertical scrollbar disappeared.

Two days ago when I logged onto my computer, I saw that the vertical scrollbar was no longer there. I rebooted my computer, and still there is no scrollbar. I am not sure what to do, but I really miss the scrollbar. Any advice?

Site Moderator

Re: Vertical scrollbar disappeared.

It is possible that the screen is too wide or too high and that the scroll bars fall off.
Open the system menu via Alt+Space and see if you can resize that window.
If that works then close Firefox to save that setting.

See also:

Window sizes and positions are stored in localstore.rdf in the Profile Folder.

New Contributor

Re: Vertical scrollbar disappeared.

Encontré la respuesta pero desde el punto de vista de CSS, debido a que luego desaparecen los scroll en los elementos HTML, pero encontré la respuesta con los siguiente: scrollbar html {

overflow-y: scroll !important; //Con esto se evita que desaparezca el scroll

} Espero les sirva. Salu2