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Updated from 3.6.8 will NOT open error 0xc0000056

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Updated from 3.6.8 will NOT open error 0xc0000056

The update began, I closed firefox. The restart window came up. I hit restart. I could see the HD was working for a significant time. No firefox opened. I used the shortcut icon to open firefox. I got the error message Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000056). Click OK to close application

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Re: Updated from 3.6.8 will NOT open error 0xc0000056

OK, I've worked on a restore and have 3.6.8. The trouble bottom line is the Adobe flash-player plug-in update. I cannot see any video, youtube, for instance. Update required message. When I update, restart Firefox, it loads for approx 30 seconds, pages come up, then it exits, precipitously, with NO user intervention. I can run 3.6.8 without problems if I run safe mode with no plug-ins. Then I add 1 @ a time and the Adobe 10.1 is the miscreant. I went to the Adobe site, did the Adobe uninstall, reinstalled the proper plug-in for Firefox, etc. I'm running Norton 360 (programs are allowed) I also took Spyware Dr off to see if there was a difference. There isn't.

I tried viewing youtube on Chrome (OK, sorry, but I was curious), works like a champ.

OK, any suggestions? There are 2 issues here. 1. The firefox will not update to 3.6.10 2. Adobe Flash player 10.1 will not update