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Turning off HTTP referrer header?

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Turning off HTTP referrer header?

So, there's this one art website I used to go to a lot. I used Firefox to access it and it had no problems before. I decided to return to the website, and now all the thumbnails and photos are replaced with a message saying I have an invalid referer. It's discussed in the FAQ of the website, and says that I have to change the settings on my HTTP referrer header. I have attempted to do so by following the instructions given (setting the value to 2, and when that had problems, to 1), however it only seems to work for a few images . Quoting the FAQ here:

"If you have software on your computer that is filtering the HTTP "referer" header, you will experience problems viewing the site.

Many consumer software firewalls, such as Norton Personal Firewall (which is also part of Norton Internet Security), ZoneAlarm, and McAfee, remove the referrer from HTTP requests which will prevent you from viewing images or downloading files on any site that does a referrer check. Therefore, such options should always be turned off.

(o) For Symantec and Norton Firewalls: Go to the Privacy Settings and disable "Privacy Control". (Please note that "Privacy Control" does not protect your privacy in any way, as your IP address will always be logged regardless of that setting). (o) For ZoneAlarm: Go to Privacy -> Cookie Control -> Custom and uncheck "remove private header information". (o) For McAfee Firewall: Go to Privacy Service -> Protect my Identity -> Erase Revealing Information and uncheck "Prevent Referer Information to be Shared".

If you use a Gecko-based browser, such as Mozilla Suite, Firefox, or Netscape, referrer sending can also be disabled (but by default, it is enabled). To change that setting, browse to "about:config", then search for "network.http.sendRefererHeader". If the value is set to 1 or 2, referrer sending is enabled. If it is set to 0, it is disabled. To enable it, double-click on the setting, then change the value. The default is 2.

If you use Opera, referrer sending can also be disabled. To change that setting, press F12 and check "Enable referrer logging".

Software like AdSubstract also blocks the referrer and makes image viewing impossible.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you understand our reasons for doing so. Bandwith doesn't come cheap and we have to do all we can to keep the bandwith usage down. This also protects our site from any liability problems that could be caused from bypassing our registration system to view works. "

I'm not posting the URL, for the website may offend some people.

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Re: Turning off HTTP referrer header?

The system information you posted shows you still have:

network.http.sendRefererHeader = 0

Do you have any add-ons (Extensions) that might manage privacy that could be overriding your change?