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Turning off Google Safe Browsing Content

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Turning off Google Safe Browsing Content

Not much of a question, but an answer to others' archived questions. Many are concerned that Google Safe Browsing Cache violates their privacy and releases the public's web activities to one of Google's data-centers. The easiest way to disable this feature (can't be done through the Firefox web browser), is to block these URL domains on your main network router (given that you have a newer, more feature-rich router such as the latest D-link product line):

Now, Google may only track your activities while your logged in with your Google account--when it is relevent--rather than all of the time without your control. Thank you.

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Re: Turning off Google Safe Browsing Content

I think there are some misconceptions about this feature.

Firefox doesn't send every web request to Google, but instead consults a database of bad sites that you download from Google at regular intervals. You would only send a request to Google if you request a page on a bad site.

Google's agreement with Mozilla is that this data isn't supposed to be correlated with your other Google activity.