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The Firefox Crashes Unexpectedly in Every Few Hours

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The Firefox Crashes Unexpectedly in Every Few Hours

One of my website in particular faces a lot of issue while I work on Firefox. When I open after sometime the Firefox crashes. Is the working of Firefox also depends upon the bandwidth of the website and other such things. Google Chrome seems to work just fine.

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Re: The Firefox Crashes Unexpectedly in Every Few Hours

Hi simplyme4you,

If the problem is with the website you will probably need to look elsewhere for webdesign advice. However I may expect bandwidth problems to cause hangs or freezes rather than crashes unless the problem is extreme. Also as it is a commercial site you will need to determine if it is causing problems in Firefox as that could affect business.

Does the problem occur if you merely open your site as an ordinary user and leave it open. (If it does it is easy for me or anyone else to test that). I guess though it is likely you need to remain active on the site before problems occur.

Your site uses Flash Player content and I am guessing the problem could be due to a Flash 11.3 problem.

As a test downgrade a machine to use Flash 10.3 and try to reproduce the problem. Instructions for downgrading currently are still here

  1. Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again
  2. very good information will also be found in mozillazine articles such as

NOTE Very recent security announcement has resulted in probable change of official Firefox advice; but my personal view, is the exploit apparently requires opening of a manipulated word document, so low risk of using Flash 10.3 in troubleshooting as long as one is careful about what is opened.

Crashes If you are actually getting firefox crashes use about:crashes and post a couple of recent CrashIDs into your next post, preferably from Firefox being used in safe mode with FlashPlayer as the only plugin. If possible;for comparison; also post a couple whilst Flash 10.3 is installed.

Post back with more information once you have had time to test out those ideas and read the linked articles.

Cheers John

The official, not yet updated advice is:

Recent crashes of certain multimedia contents (this includes Youtube videos, certain flash games and other applications) in conjunction with Firefox 13 are most probably caused by a recent Flash 11.3 update and/or a malfunctioning Real Player browser plugin.

In order to remedy the problem, please perform the steps mentioned in these Knowledge Base articles:

Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems

Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again

Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox

Other, more technical information about these issues can be found under these Links:

Please tell us if this helped!