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See /forums/knowledge-base-articles/706645/ for related discussion about this template.

Possibly because the current UpdateProblems template isn’t localizable, the current behaviour is the ‘Firefox Hot topics’ text always appearing in English when called inside an article (like Installing an older version of Firefox). It would be nice if this template call shows results for the own language, but as this is impossible for the current template, maybe a localizable template is needed?

Sidenote: ever since Firefox has this ‘ cookie bug’ (for which we need to clear cookies and cache in order to make localized articles always appear localized if their links do not contain a locale code), the current behaviour of this template is that not only the hardcoded text mentioned above is displayed, but it also points to the English Hot topics page, making it look like the article itself hasn’t been localized fully.

I copied your post to a new thread I started in the L10n Discussion forum, where more people will see it:


The Common questions after updating to Firefox version 29 article was written for Firefox 29 "Australis" changes. Background: Fx 29 (Australis) Resources

I removed the following link from this template:

We no longer use Firefox hot topics.

I removed the the Firefox Hot topics link from "The crash still happens in Safe Mode" section, since we no longer use "Firefox Hot topics":