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Tags of my Bookmarks seem to disappear

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Tags of my Bookmarks seem to disappear

Well first off, I'm a *Bookmarker* and a *Tagger*, and for me, the ability to quickly and easily tag a bookmark together with the really awesome Location Bar is what separates Firefox from other browsers.

Now here is the problem, those tags seem to be disappearing from my bookmark DB. For example, when I search for "Book" in my Bookmarks library, I get about 26 results, but **none** have the "book" tag, and I am *absolutely* certain that I have tagged more than 10 bookmarks with this tag (most of them are shown in the search result, some are not). There is also the "LaTeX" tag, which I am certain I had but which is nowhere to be found now.

I believe that the bookmarks themselves are not disappearing (All of the questions I found here are about disappearing bookmarks), since I can find a lot that have no tags at all on them, but should have. Though I can't really tell for sure, as I have a *lot* of bookmarks (~700), so I can't say right away if one has gone missing. Also which tags disappear seems to be random at best.

What I can tell is that when I sort my bookmarks by "Date added", tags become quite rare on bookmarks from before March '13.

Are there any known problems, or anything I can do to prevent my Tags from disappearing, apart from doing backups of my bookmarks database?

Sorry for this vague question, but I don't know how else to put it.

I should probably add that I have two systems, a Windows box and a Mac both with Firefox and connected through a weave/sync account, which is why I would prefer not to use the file-backup method.

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Re: Tags of my Bookmarks seem to disappear

Try restoring your bookmarks from a previous date.

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Re: Tags of my Bookmarks seem to disappear

It won't help, as I don't know when it happened and if I knew, it was probably during or before the last three months. The earliest backup is from about 10 days ago, so it won't do any good.

Anyway, my question is how to prevent this from happening again, not how to get the data back, as I'm pretty sure it is not possible.