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Subscribe to a list of RSS feeds from XML file

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Subscribe to a list of RSS feeds from XML file

Hi, I have a XML file that lists the news sites that I need to keep up to date on for a RSS feed. The link has worked for others, but not for me. When opening the file either with the XML editor or opens the text of the file. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Subscribe to a list of RSS feeds from XML file

Maybe it helps if you give a couple of examples.

In my locale the BBC news feed is or was standard on ordinary Firefox installs. Do you already have one on your Firefox ?

Of maybe you may figure it out by looking at examples. So this thread is available as a RSS feed. You could just bookmark the page in which case the bookmark is

To look at the feed from this thread

  1. you need the rss icon available on a Firefox toolbar
    it is no longer shown by default,but you may have already found it
  2. if you need it right click any blank space on a toolbar so that you get the customisation option and palette, and drag the icon onto the toolbar.
  3. navigate to the required page, click on YOUR toolbar rss icon and follow the instructions
    • if you have not used it before choose 'bookmarks' as the feed type
    • choose a suitable location,such as the Firefox bookmarks toolbar

The feed this forum generates for this thread is simple, it will be a title, plus a line for each message posted. News sites get more complicated.

The BBC site if you do not already have the Firefox syndicated feed is

Again the link will offer to open as a feed if you just click on it.