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Strange request: help me convince boss to update Firefox

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Strange request: help me convince boss to update Firefox

I have a strange request. My boss is hesitant to upgrade the to the most recent version of firefox in our office (I am running 3.0.8, some are as advanced as 4). I am trying to come up with concrete reasons to upgrade. We deal constantly with credit cards, and I think security would be the best tactic. Browsing stability would also be a good route. I'm clever, but not quite clever enough to compare old versions of firefox to firefox 8. Is there ANY chance someone could do a quick comparison that I could show her. I know it's a reach, but I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: Strange request: help me convince boss to update Firefox

Ok, let me try to convince you first...LOL. The main points I would stress upon are as follows:

First off, there have been several Security & Safety Vulnerabilities that have been addressed since Firefox implemented their rapid releases starting early 2011. Given that this is a major issue online, this should be a huge selling point. The link that I provided above is the official Firefox known vulnerability log for various version of the rapid releases. As you can see, the ones highlighted in red are critical updates (quite a few of them).

Secondly, the new versions use less memory, both, hard-drive as well as RAM. This means your system has more resources available means faster execution and potentially increased productivity.

Thirdly, the newer version is faster in terms of speed due to the many enhancements made during the upgrades, specifically related to performance. The speed increase from just this one upgrade (3.5 to 3.6.16) resulted in a 20% increase in browser speed. Since then, they have further fine tuned the upgrades.

Finally, Mozilla strongly encourages upgrading older versions mainly due to security and safety vulnerabilities.

I have have been following all the Firefox rapid release updates and have documented them with reviews and videos on this Squidoo web page titled Firefox Web Browser which you will find useful.

One caution, I would advise you to take is, if you're updating to the latest 8.0 version, know that some of your add-ons may not be compatible. So you may want to check that first. If not, just upgrade to 7.0.1 version (the official Firefox link is in the above Squidoo web page I provided).

All the best as you equip yourself with the knowledge required to convince your boss to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox. I don't have a comparison chart per se, but I hope this helps and here's wishing you all the best! Smiley Happy

(Edit) P.S: Just added the detailed Firefox Release Notes for versions 3.6 through 8.0.