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Slow Startup

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Slow Startup

Firefox is very slow at startup, and several 'hangs' happens when it's opening the home page. It usually takes around 45 seconds to works fine. I tried everything (new profile, uninstalling) and i'm still having the same problem.

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Re: Slow Startup

Here is my own solution to how you speed up the load time of Firefox.

1. Create a shortcut of the Firefox icon, it's OK to change the name such as "Firefox prestart"

2. Select the shortcut icon, right-click, choose properties, find the box target (it is probably this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox\firefox.exe")

3. Add the following parameter -silent afterwards, do not forget a space after the quotation mark. Ie "C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox\firefox.exe" -silent

4. Click OK to save the change.

5. Then drag the icon to the Autostart folder (see "All Programs", "Start Button") and drop the icon there.

6. Restart the computer.

Now, Firefox will be loaded when Windows starts up. But after being "booted" minimized, Firefox will be closed down again and do not stay in memory.

The result is that you can "cold start" Firefox as if it was a "warm start"!

On my computer, I can now cold start Firefox in 2-3 seconds, not bad compared to before approx. 15 seconds .....

How much faster Firefox will load on your computer depends mainly on your hardware (CPU, harddrive, etc). If you are a lucky owner of an SSD, Firefox will probably start more or less instantly ....

Check it out Smiley Happy

Total windows boot time may increase (not necessary), but it's in any case barely notable.

Regarding the windows boot up time:

A LOT of programs want to prestart at a boot up. But you can in fact unload most of them => windows will start faster.

A program I can recommend to take control what shall be loaded or not is StartupDelayer

It's very simple to understand how it operate. What you can delete/or disable from startup at boot up depends of course, but the most.... in my case I deleted ATI's "StartCCC" and all of Adobe's files.

Test by disable a program and see if all works fine, if so you can event. also delete it.

When that done, you can optionally take one of the other startup programs (except your "Firefox prestart") and delay it with let say 1 second - this just to make sure the the FF prestart has completed before the last startup-program.

Save. Restart your computer.


I can almost promise you that your windows will start up faster - just time it (before and after) to check!

Another ridiculously simple thing you can check:

I used to have as my homepage in Firefox. With this homepage loaded, as well as a few addons (6 items), I had a cold start in about 15 seconds.

But just by swapping the homepage for the included Firefox Google page one looks at a new installation, I reduced cold start time to 6-8 sec ..... that's a cut of half the time!

If you want to test and see if it works also on your computer then write about: home into the address bar. Then go through the Menu, Tools, Options and choose this as your new homepage.

Appreciate your feedback: [Email Removed by Mod]

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Re: Slow Startup

didn't work for me Smiley Sad thanks anyway

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Re: Slow Startup

warm start firefox, kill my pc start up. Very2 slow. So i try to change my G**gl* Chr*m* Shortcut Icon. I change it to Firefox Icon. And I Change the home page to Surprisedfficial

Voila my G chr*m* turn to firefox.

With Super speed start up loading.

Bye2 Firefox.

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Re: Slow Startup

Grrrrrrrrrreat work! Simple, but effective. You have saved my day!!

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Re: Slow Startup

Why does is take a long time to browse some websites in Firefox vs. IE?

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Re: Slow Startup

Search all files and folders including hidden files for places.sqlite and rename it to places.sqlite2 . Restart firefox and be amazed at the speed.

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Re: Slow Startup

To mangajack:

places.sqlite is a database file kept in Mozilla's "profile" map, where all your personal preferences, bookmarks, etc are stored.

Places.sqlite files are immediately recreated - if you rename or delete them - next time you start Firefox.

The eventual increase in speed/responsiveness you experience is due to you have deleted your cache. Nothing else.

By time your cache expands. The positive effect you may notice when your browser can (re)open a previously visited page at the beginning will after a time of browsing fade off as the cache posts increase.

I personally have turned off the cache storage. I do not see benefits anymore to use cache for the sake of speed.

Besides of that - by cleaning out history, cookies, etc on exit your browser, you decrease your exposure for security threats.

Basically your tip is good, but you could have got same constant effect by just clean your browser's history and make sure to it will not save any history (turn off cache) - go to Menu, then Options, then Privacy and change the settings.

Finally, it have nothing to do with the slow startup of Firefox.

I test nightlies of Firefox (not officially released versions of Firefox).

Latest days Mozilla have landed a fix on one of the major bugs and I can notice a dramatic improvement already on the startup speed! Smiley Happy

More will surely follow. But as I understand, it will not be released official until Firefox 6.0 (planned to be released august/september 2011).

You can test these builds (at own risk!):

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Re: Slow Startup

By doing the following I believe I reduced my Firefox 4 startup time significantly:

Run Regedit and go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters

Change EnablePrefetch to 2 (boot only) if it's not already.

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Re: Slow Startup

Firefox is spiraling downward! Constant "hanging" will not "cut the mustard" long with clients. Is there an alternative or a solution, Firefox?