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Scrollbars in an iFrame not showing in Firefox 17.0

New Contributor

Scrollbars in an iFrame not showing in Firefox 17.0

I have a public facing site that uses a DIV, containing an iFrame, to display a virtual site, in a jQuery dialog window, when the user clicks a link. For both IE and Chrome, when the user gets to a page that is longer than the dialog dimensions the div style tag scroll: auto; causes a verticle scrollbar to appear. In firefox 17.0 this scrollbar does not appear, but it did in pervious versions I had installed, only after updating to 17.0 did the scrollbar dissapear. After some searching I found a site talking about the dom.disable_window_open_features.scrollbars value in the about:config. When I set this value to true, default false, then refresh my page and click the link, the scrollbar is now present.

This is great if I was only concerned about the pages I myself browsed to. Unfortunately, the site I am developing is an outward facing site and I am unable to control the setting on other user's instances of Firefox. I will not bother to ask if I can control the about:config settings via javascript as I the answer wil be 'no'. So here are my questions to you ....

1. What can be done to ensure that my site runs properly under Firefox like it does under IE and Chrome?

2.Do you plan on fixing this issue in your next release?

3. If the functionality worked in pervious versions, which I know it did, why was the browser changed in such a fashion that it caused working code to break?


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