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Scrapbook Vs firefox bookmarks

New Contributor

Scrapbook Vs firefox bookmarks

So i am a user of scrapbook for some years now and it works just alright for me. But some time now, syncing across multiple computers has become an everyday issue for me. Using xmarks i have everything in my home computer firefox syncronised except the bookmarks.

So i was wondering about some things which i would like to know your opinion/knowledge on them:

1) In terms of speed and functionality firefox bookmarks are worse than scrapbook? If i remove scrapbook and import everything on bookmarks would firefox lag more with 1000+ bookmarks? What would you recommend me?

2) In terms of syncronisation, firefox sync is the ultimate choice or 3rd party apps like xmarks, are better?

And i am talking about syncing between firefox only, not other browsers.

Site Moderator

Re: Scrapbook Vs firefox bookmarks

hello, i think scrapbook offers a quite different function than firefox bookmarks... it will archive the whole content of a page, while firefox bookmarks only store links to the websites (therefore it should also handle 1000+ bookmarks without any great impact to performance).