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Redirected to random websites

New Contributor

Redirected to random websites

I'm being redirected at anytime, it can be from a bookmark page, from typing on the address bar, from a Google search, it doesn't matter but it is getting very annoying.

I changed my DNS to an openDNS, but the problem persisted. I installed and ran ClamXav, it didn't find any malware or problem. I decided to create a new airport connection with openDNS. The problems is still going on.

I deleted cookies and reset firefox, but after a couple of hours the problem was back.

Any suggestions in what to do next?

I have a MacBook OS X 10.5.8

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Re: Redirected to random websites

It's interesting that the problem went away for a few hours after the reset. One of the primary changes is that Firefox does not have any Extensions after a reset. Could you check on whether any have been added since then?

Tools > Add-ons > Extensions category

There also is a copy/paste-able list here:

Help > Troubleshooting Information