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Problems with site previews on new tab opening

New User

Problems with site previews on new tab opening

It used to be that when you opened a new tab all (or most) of the previews were from different sites. Also, if you had (for example) the 'Google' page as a preview it would come up as the basic page.

Now? Now I'm getting individual pages in the previews, even reply boxes from forums. There are even duplicates from where I've been to the same page multiple times. Also there are a number of Google search results and even pages that I've gone to as a result of those searches (which still have their 'Google' tag in the url at the bottom of the preview.

This was a rather nifty feature in Firefox, but lately it's just become a hassle. Is there a fix? Do I just put them in manually and 'pin' them? Or is there a setting somewhere that's gone crazy and I need to reset?

Site Moderator

Re: Problems with site previews on new tab opening

hello, those pages are pulled from your frequently visited pages - have you set firefox to clear the browsing history after each session (in options > privacy)? this might explain why those seemingly random results come up...

you can also drag items from the bookmarks/library into the new tab page and pin them in case you want to customize it yourself.

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