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Problem with loading / displaying web pages

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Problem with loading / displaying web pages

I have a problem with a new laptop that I bought recently, running 64-bit Windows 8, do not know if it will be a driver problem, but I doubt it, the issue is that normally browsing Firefox 22, after a while you start having problems displaying pages which makes it impossible to surf the internet, I attached a screenshot of what happens to me when the problem starts:

I have tried re-installing Firefox, flash player, java, everything but it stays the same, to fix it I have to clear the history and ?cache?, but after a while the same thing happens again. I tried disabling plugins and so I doubt it's hardware problem, the only thing that was initially install ad-block, uninstall it after a while, that may leave me something in Firefox record causes me this problem? Thanks in advance.


This is NOT my question. Someone posted this question in Spanish, but they aren't getting any help because no one is viewing the question because the question title is not English. I am reposting this question in English so others will help. You can view the original question here: Don't worry about translating your answers into Spanish because they are using an online translate to communicate to us in English.

NOTE: The troubleshooting information on this question is not correct. Go to the original question page to see the accurate information.

Thank you.

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Re: Problem with loading / displaying web pages

Hi ComputerWhiz, I posted a reply over in the other thread:

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Re: Problem with loading / displaying web pages