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Plugin Checker...PROBLEMS AGAIN!

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Plugin Checker...PROBLEMS AGAIN!

So, like anyone that wishes to keep their browser running as smoothly as possible, I check the Firefox plugin checker daily to see if there are any plugins and add-ons that need an update. For this round, I needed an update on Adobe Flash, and "Shockwave for Director". So I updated both.

Here is the problem- Flash updated, and is showing in the Plugin checker as up to date. However, I also updated Shockwave. Shockwave downloaded without an issue, the Shockwave site's tester states that I'm good to go, and the version on my programs list matches the one on the current download. But...when I go to the plugin checker, it still says that the Shockwave version I have is outdated. So...what gives?

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Re: Plugin Checker...PROBLEMS AGAIN!

I must also add that it still shows that status even after restarting both my browser and my computer.

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Re: Plugin Checker...PROBLEMS AGAIN!

This seems to be caused by checking against a wrong version string on the plugin check page.

See [/questions/956079]

If you have the latest version from the Adobe website then you can ignore this problem with the plugin check website.

Latest Adobe Flash and Shockwave for Director installers and uninstallers can be found here: