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Plugin-Check page... Mozilla is missing the point.

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Plugin-Check page... Mozilla is missing the point.


I have used Firefox FAITHFULLY for the past 10 years. I chose Firefox over IE specifically because it has ALWAYS been customizable. While IE (and microsoft) has always been rigid, and forced the user to do things their way, Firefox has been the opposite:

  Want a page to look a certain way, there's a plugin for that.  
  Want more security while you browse, there's a setting for that.
  Want to risk it all and have no security, there's a setting for that too!

I have dabbled with other browsers too. Google's Chrome browser has a few things that I like... including the option to save a link to a page as an "app" (creating a fullscreen window for just that page). BUT I chose to completely uninstall chrome when I found out that you cannot disable their certificate security checks.

You see... My bank, the electric company, and several other legitimate sites fail their ssl certificate authentication AND there is NO WAY TO DISABLE this feature. For some reason, the folks at Google think they know what is best for me, and will not give me the option to browse "unsafely" if I so desire.

Now... To the point of this "question"

It seems that recently, the folks at Mozilla have decided to force a "plugin-check" page on all of us. At first, I played nice. I updated my java and flash plugins as it suggested, and it still pops up. I then googled "FOR HOURS" on how to disable the feature. I went to about:config and changed all the Boolean variables I could find, and still the page pops up.

Then I noticed something in doing further research. It seems that in doing hours of research (WHICH I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO) I have seen posts from lots of others that have also done hours of research, and they are getting the same answers from mozilla:

  "You need to do this"
  "You need to change this setting"
  "Please tell us what plugin is causing the problem"
     if they knew that they wouldn't be asking in the first place
  "If you don't help us, we can't help you"

The one thing mozilla hasn't said is "Woops... sorry, we forgot to give you the OPTION to do what YOU WANT"

I am very happy that there is an OPTION to make my browsing safer. Were I a casual user that just went to facebook, netflix and the like I would probably be very satisfied. Here's the thing, a great deal of casual users just go with what they have... like IE. People that know more about computing, and henceforth like to change things and do what they like probably use firefox... and firefox is cutting them off. I don't use Acrobat, I use foxit (unrecognized plugin). I use several extensions that HELP ME the way I WANT TO BE HELPED. They work just fine for what I NEED, and I don't want to change them.

I have trouble seeing items on the screen so I use the nosquint plugin... I don't know if it's recognized or not... and I don't care, it works better FOR ME than any of the others that I have tried. Yet, just like Google, and Microsoft before it, Mozilla is attempting to "make me safe" by controlling me. This is unacceptable, I CHOOSE to use firefox because I WANT THE CHOICE to browse MY WAY.

People have come here, and on other sites asking "HOW DO I DISABLE this screen" and, as shown above, the answer is to try and "trick" firefox into submission. The "trick" doesn't work, and both the person that needs help, and the person trying to help (i know... not a mozilla employee) gets frustrated.

The point is, we shouldn't have to "trick" or force firefox to submit to our will by hours of trial and error. We didn't ask for the page to show up in the first place. I'm quite sure there are SOME that are happy it is there, but mozilla needs to realize that there are SOME that are not, and GIVE THEM THE CHOICE do disable an unwanted "option".

In short... Please find a way for us to disable, IN ITS ENTIRETY the outdated plugin check web page that pops up EVERY TIME I start firefox. I know some of my plugins are out of date, and I know some are not recognized. I like it that way. If I wanted to have ZERO control over what MY pc does, I would switch to windows 8 (which doesn't have a metro app for firefox yet)

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Re: Plugin-Check page... Mozilla is missing the point.

hello zthaynes, please Update Firefox to the latest version, this should already solve the issue.