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OSS support removed.

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OSS support removed.

I updated to Firefox 22 on FreeBSD this morning, only to find that OSS support has been removed. This leaves non-Linux users with very little option in the way of sound. ALSA is a Linux thing and Pulseaudio is a complete mess. We have our own native sound subsystem (a fork of OSS) that has worked perfectly up until now. I can't consider Firefox to be a native application anymore if I have to install lots of Linux sound stuff that I -really- don't want on my system. If I wanted Linux, I'd run Linux. I don't - I run FreeBSD. Is there any way to get this support re-added? Even though the userbase is small, I'd still like to use Firefox on my OS of choice, instead of having to switch because of this decision to remove OSS support.

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Re: OSS support removed.

Just posting because this might turn up in people's searches. Talked on IRC with you.

Firefox has never had OSS support.

This is some customization that FreeBSD must have done. The maintainer for the package should be the person to correct the problem.