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No sound in youtube

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No sound in youtube

I have no sound in youtube. Works fine in chrome or IE. I've uninstalled and reinstalled flash and Firefox galore. I've googled and messed with the registry, still no luck. I have always been someone who's been able to fix these types of problems but this one has me stuck.

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Re: No sound in youtube

Use this page to see if Adobe thinks you are up-to-date.

your IE9 might be 64 bit, your Firefox is 32 bit, and you probably have to install the add-on into both browsers even if both are 32 bit.

32bit and 64 bit versions are installed in separate libraries.

I've noticed that the volume on the Flash screen is not [necessarily] the same as the volume on your system.

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Re: No sound in youtube

Still no luck. I was running IE8, so I upgraded to IE9 (64-bit). Flash is working properly in both IE and FF, according to the site above. The only flash thing that I see is in my control panel, where it says it is 32 bit.

Any help?