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Neverending script failures


Neverending script failures

I have already tried all of the solutions on the following page, and none have solved the problem. The script failures pop up randomly every other minute or so.

SUMO Contributor

Re: Neverending script failures

Hello rainandwind_95448

check it in Safe Mode, select "Start in Safe Mode" and see if this happen again, if not see: Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems

(If your problem did not occur in Safe Mode, it is most likely because of an extension, theme or hardware acceleration.)

if you already do that, then try to create a new profile, and see if the issue still exist. If the new profile correct the issue then you can Transferring data to a new profile

thank you

New User

Re: Neverending script failures

I have daily "Firefox encountered a problem and has to close" experiences. This is new and so disruptive that I am going to switch to Explorer until this has cleared up. I prefer Firefox and hope someone understands that it has become bug-ridden to the point that serious users are unable to deal with it's newly-emerged hand-holding needs.

If you know of anyone with the skill and responsibility to fix this on the mozilla end, I'd be happy to correspond with them. I have authorized the bug reporting feature on the Firefox Failure window and no remedies have occurred since this started about two weeks ago.

Larry in NH