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Need help with chrome.css

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Need help with chrome.css

I use a combination of Tree Style Tab + Personal titlebar + Stratiform. When I customize the browser to look the way I want, there's only 2 annoying things I can't get rid of.

First is this line, which is separating toolbars from content and tabs. It can be seen here

or even better here

However that line does not appear or is thin on extensions page

I am sure that line can be removed via userchrome, because I edited a bunch of things in it and I did remove it, but cause I wasn't sure what I'm doing, I messed up pretty bad and it ruined lots of other things. So if anyone can help me find a parameter for that line I'll be thankful.

And the second things is that tabs are starting few pixels lowers than that line, but I would like the top tab to be exactly where that line is.

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Re: Need help with chrome.css

Try to ask in the MozillaZine forum thread.