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Microsoft DRM is listed twice in Add-ons Manager

New User

Microsoft DRM is listed twice in Add-ons Manager

DRM is listed twice in my add-ons manager, both with completely identical information; version, date, etc. I've tried removing it, however there is no uninstaller. Tried following the directions to uninstall info/open containing folder/extensions folder/ there's nothing there.

Now the reason this was brought to my attention is that Firefox locks up ~30mins, the tab bar (on top, next to orange FF button) completely disappears and program freezes for 4.6 seconds. Ive tried restarting with add-ons disabled, no luck.

Im not sure if the two are related, but it's frustrating trying to do any browsing. It happens regardless of how many tabs are open, be it 1 or 6. When this happens, i've tried running IE 8, and it runs just fine.

Any suggestions?


oh, and webpage goes completely blank, regardless of site being viewed

Site Moderator

Re: Microsoft DRM is listed twice in Add-ons Manager

I think I have seen that occur before on one of my XPs, possibly due to updating when you already have two versions, or by accepting a download when DRM is present but disabled. I do not think it causes problems. I suggest you provide more info about the problem and hangs that you experience. have you tried Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode yet.