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Lost Ability to click & drag links to email after clean install of Firefox v-19.0

New Contributor

Lost Ability to click & drag links to email after clean install of Firefox v-19.0

Was experiencing numerous crashes on existing Firefox (v-18.0). Upgraded to 19.0 and still had same issues. Next performed a clean install altogether to v-19.0. So far that problem seems to have been resolved...however...

Issues now being experienced:

1. - Lost all ability to simply use the click and drag method to insert a 'live' url link and embed it into an email transmission (AOL webmail). When copying and pasting url, only link text is made available and I cannot modify hyperlink to make it behave like an actual link.

I've discovered that the only way I can even hope to retrieve a live link now is to use the "Email Link" add-on and allow it to launch in MS Outlook Express (default -- no option available for AOL), then copy and paste it from that venue into my composed AOL email. Only way to embed as a hyperlink. Once done I have to delete the created MS Outlook Express page, then can send my email transmission via AOL as I've done before. CRAZY!

2. - Also, when clicking and dragging a shortcut for an actual webpage to my desktop for a later quick launch, the shortcut icon is not recognizing it as a Firefox webpage. Rather a generic icon is presented -- and I have to manually go in to firefox.exe to retrieve icon graphic and reset it to that shortcut (if I decide to). And that's for each individual shortcut have to do this separately for all you may have created on your desktop. The shortcut does work as it should, regardless, but I have never had to do this before and there is no "properties" option available to make an overall default change. Yet another CRAZY!

What happened while I wasn't looking?

I am running XP SP3...and have NEVER had these issues until now -- this is ALL new!

Anyone else have any experience with this...or solutions/work-arounds you've discovered?

Thank you!