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Java plugin has crashed

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Java plugin has crashed

Problem: Firefox kills any applet that is starting for more than 45 seconds. Solution: This solution is unacceptable because: 1. it doesn't always work - to be sure it will work you have to make a new windows user and install new instance of firefox in new place. If you just upgrade it (we tried firefox 3.6.12 and firefox 4) even if you set all of about:config options it will not work (java is still crashing) 2. few thousands users uses our application . It would be vary costly to tell them to upgrade to new firefox and look at 1. it won't always work. 3. There are many applets in the world that need more than 45 seconds to start because they need to connect to server and get some data. If connection is slow you kill working application for that it is working too long ? This is insane.

I don't know who had so brilliant idea to add such a function but if something similar would be implemented in for example in Windows half of a programs would stop working. We need 100% solution which will work (it would be the best if we could disable this plugin killing on our application start so that our users wouldn't need to do a thing). I hope this new 'feature' will be disabled in no time because it gives more trouble than it helps. It isn't a solution to firefox/plugin crashes.

Sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker

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Re: Java plugin has crashed

I see that you have since posted a new topic to Mozillazine's forum which links back here.
Firefox kills unresponsive java applet

A recent reply in that topic suggested you tell your site users to disable the plugin hang detector, with a link to (There's a screenshot here .)

MozillaZine's KB article also includes a number of links under Related bug reports, in case it helps. You can vote for a bug if it covers your issue or you can file a new bug at and you will receive e-mail notices when new information is posted to the bug report.

You can also post feedback about Firefox to

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Re: Java plugin has crashed

As I replied in forum disabling plugin detector doesn't always work for our users. We are thinking about filing a new bug at and looking for other options to fix it.