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I want the New Tab page back!

New User

I want the New Tab page back!

ok so i love the new tab page and i have become very dependent on it for work, i recently had a run in with babylon and somehow in the process of riding my computer of that stupid program i have lost the new tab page it use to be that i just click the + and there was my last 12 sites i visited which made life easy for me now its just a blank page or my homepage i am at a loss

Site Moderator

Re: I want the New Tab page back!

That should be relatively easy to reset, have you any other things that need resetting also.


This restartless add-on searchreset is often used to reset after similar problems

I am not certain that resets the new tabs page to the default, but if it does not I will post a suggestion to the add-on developer, as it may be a new feature that could be added to the addon.

Please read the linked article, try the searchreset add-on, then post back with how you are getting on.