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I need help syncing Fitbit tracker

New Contributor

I need help syncing Fitbit tracker

I have a Fitbit Tracker Zip. I can not seem to get it to sync. No matter what I do I my computer can't seem to see the Dongle that syncs the tracker with my laptop. Fitbit's help desk folks say that I need to check my proxy server settings, however the instructions they gave me to do that don't match what I saw when I look into the Tools section on Firefox

Has anyone had similar issues?

Senior Contributor
Senior Contributor

Re: I need help syncing Fitbit tracker

Syncing the fitbit zip does not involve Firefox (or any browser for that matter). See

How do I sync data from the fitbit zip tracker to the website

to check your Firewall (NOT Firefox) settings, see Firewall settings in the system controls.