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I downloaded Add-on but cannot find it

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I downloaded Add-on but cannot find it

I downloaded the FTP add-on from the Firefox Add-on list and it said it installed and would appear after restarting firefox. So I restarted FF but I cant find it to use it. the other answer said something about extensions but didnt make any sense to me. the firefox online add-on manager says I have no add ons but how would the website know and if it really isnt there then what in the heck did I download and where did it go if it wasnt an add-on? waiting days for someone to hopefully respond will still leave me with no FTP today so am quite bummed by this. I would appreciate any assistance tho clearly just saying check extensions (like in another similar post) is not going to help me cuz I dont know what that means or how to go from there. I got the add on tool bar to come up but it is empty and cant find the add on to add to it. thank you.

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Re: I downloaded Add-on but cannot find it

First, update your Firefox to the latest version (16.0.1). Update Firefox to the latest version

Then, Click the Orange Firefox button, click Add-ons, then Extensions, is the add-on installed there? Use extensions to add features to Firefox