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Howto? Merging bookmarks (preserving tags) / importing *.json without replacing

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Howto? Merging bookmarks (preserving tags) / importing *.json without replacing

What I need to do:

  • I need to recover my old bookmarks from half a year ago.
  • Meanwhile I created new bookmarks which I also need to preserve.
  • I need to keep all Tags from all bookmarks. Without my tags the bookmarks are useless for me.

Why it is not possible:

  • HTML doesn't export tags.
  • Recover-Function does not give the option to keep the existing bookmarks
  • Import Data from other browser does not recognize other firefox-profiles
  • Copy-Paste the List of tags with the containing links making it a website, etc. doesn't work for me, as it does not reflect multiple tags / searching takes to long in such a long list
  • merging the two *.json files manually doesn't work out "Not able to process the Backup file"


  • Is there a AddOn solving this problem (did not find one...)?
  • Is there a AddOn or external script / program which enables to merge the two json files?
  • Somebody wrote a Bug report? (I don't know how and don't have time to set up a second account and write all this stuff again)
  • Are there actual plans to fix this bug? When can I expect a fix?

my system:

  • Thinkpad X32
  • Debian unstable
  • Version 17.0.8

my thoughts on Options for fixing: a) HTML file contains Tags (why doesn't it already?) b) add merge option for *.json files

My actual workaround (which consumes too much time and is really annoying): I've set up a second profile which constantly runs beneath the main profile and need to look up every search in both profiles. Really annoying...

Thanks alot for your time. -the Regelausnahme-

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Re: Howto? Merging bookmarks (preserving tags) / importing *.json without replacing

Maybe sync is able to do this. I don't know how sync work in regard to tags. So you will have to test this.

Otherwise you would quite likely lose the tags because importing an HTML backup or dragging or using the clipboard to merge/paste bookmarks (e.g. by using a second profile) won't create tags.

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Re: Howto? Merging bookmarks (preserving tags) / importing *.json without replacing

There also is this interesting discussion we've had here where I basically asked the same question,apparently this (very useful,IMHO) function really isn't in Firefox,and,although I've read somewhere on bugzilla that,amongst other future improvements to the Library,they are also considering to add support for exporting/importing tags with bookmarks,it has yet to come.

Patched version of the original Andy Halford's  extension Syncplaces,Cheplaces and Sortplaces are here,-SortPlaces-...-preserving-these-and-other-excellent-... if you are willing to have a go at merging bookmarks on a test profile:I keep saying myself that I should do this,I have installed Syncplaces but still haven't tackled this yet-I guess that,in order to not mess up your current profiles,you'd actually need to create 3 test profiles,one for each bookmarks Library that you want to merge and the third one for the actual merging...
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Re: Howto? Merging bookmarks (preserving tags) / importing *.json without replacing

Edit: The thread linked by mark2 has a much more advanced discussion than the one I linked to. IOW, never mind.

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Re: Howto? Merging bookmarks (preserving tags) / importing *.json without replacing

It works using sync. Just restore in another, temprorary firefox profile, sync that and with your primary and then you have your bookmarks with tags.