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How to unblock java globally

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How to unblock java globally

For a number of websites, when I go to them I am rapidly redirected to an update java webpage. The reason for this is despite having the most recent version of java, firefox blocks it. I would like to remove this blockage and allow java to run on every website I go to. I've tried reading and implementing all the solutions I've seen so far, but none are of any good. Particularly the main one about allowing java for the specific sites. I'm never given the option and the little lego block never appears in the address bar so I am unable to click it. Please tell me how I can get the freedom to choose what plugins are allowed in my browser.


SUMO Contributor

Re: How to unblock java globally

I'm puzzled about the error because your "More System Details" shows the current plugin (10.45.2), and if the forum software can see that, other websites also should be able to see it.

Could you try resetting your permission setting for Java on the Add-on page? Here's what I mean:

Open the Add-on page using either:

  • Ctrl+Shift+a
  • orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons

Click into Plugins, then, for Java(TM) Platform SE 7:

  • Change to Never Activate and pause while Firefox saves that
  • Change to Always Activate and pause while Firefox saves that

Switch tabs and try a site where Java wasn't detected before. Any difference?

SUMO Contributor

Re: How to unblock java globally

In case you meant the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin, sites may try to use this plugin in a script and redirect to a new page if it doesn't respond immediately, This might change the page too quickly to let you access the "lego" piece in the address bar.

To give a site permission to run a plugin, you can use the Page Info dialog. Either:

  • click the padlock or globe to the left of the address > More Information
  • right-click the page > View Page Info
  • Tools menu > Page Info

On the Permissions tab, you will see a row of choices for each plugin (sample attached) for the site. Choose Allow, close the dialog, and then try again.

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Re: How to unblock java globally

In response to your first solution. Yes I made sure java was updated several times. I presumed the issue was more to do with the blocked deployment toolkit. I tried both fixes and have had no luck with either.

I did check a second time for the second fix and the option for java and the deployment toolkit were still set to allow from when I first set them. So it remembers what I set it at, but still no luck.

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Re: How to unblock java globally

Are the sites available without an account? If so, could you post a couple of URLs of problem sites? Maybe a volunteer can figure out what's happening.